“You Mean Divine Guidance Isn’t A Take-Out Order?”

How many times do I have to learn this lesson? Have you ever asked yourself that question? I have–and do–frequently! This morning was one of those times. I’ve been praying for God’s guidance on a particularly BIG issue in my life. Since I know God knows my heart, I tend to bypass the heart connection with more >

Help! My Marriage Is In Trouble!

I received a text one day from a friend. All it said was, “Help! My marriage is in trouble!” I immediately returned the text with a phone call. Her voice was shaky as she answered the phone. She had clearly been crying. That day I learned that my friend’s marriage was in serious trouble. It more >

Improve Communication To Improve Your Relationships

Do you ever wonder how you can say something so simple, yet the person you’re talking to hears something completely different?  As someone wise once said, WORDS MEAN THINGS!  And it’s true.  We need to be aware of the choice of words we use in conversation.  You’ve probably heard the statistic that approximately 90% of more >

For Anyone Who Asks the Question: Why Do Bad Things Happen?

I’ve been through a lot of hurts in my life.  I would wager you have too.  Over the years, God has shown me a common theme throughout His Word.  It is that He is God, He is good, loving, and just, and He is always working in our lives–through our circumstances, our losses, our trials, more >

There is ALWAYS More to the Story

From Mary’s Desk:  A LOOK AT THE LGBT ISSUE AND KNOWING WHERE TO STAND WHEN EVERYONE IS TAKING SIDES Rioting in Baltimore.  A conflict at the office.  Transgender issues.  Abortion.  Divorce.  Everyone takes sides.  Everyone draws conclusions.  Usually the options are to condemn the actions of one side and condone the actions of the other.  more >

10 Ways To Improve Your Relationships

Relationships are a part of every area of life. When our relationships are stressful, life is stressful.

How to Know God’s Will for Your Life

Discovering God’s will can truly be one of the most frustrating aspects of the Christian life. As with all things, there are no easy answers or quick solutions. But what I am offering here are some simple steps to get you started. Please leave feedback, ask questions, or share your own experiences in discovering God’s more >