Mary Comm — EXPOSED! ;) (My philosophy of LIFE and RELATIONSHIPS)

So, have I ever told you why there’s a tree in my logo?
Well, first, it’s because I LOVE TREES! They represent LIFE to me. Trees have ROOTS that dig down deep… (Yes, I’ve been accused of being deep… A deep feeler. A deep thinker. I love to go deep!)
Trees have a TRUNK — which is the support system for all those branches and leaves — and it also provides a pathway for all those nutrients from down deep to get to those same leaves and branches.
And yes, then there are the LEAVES and BRANCHES. Branches expand out into a beautiful array of smaller branches, leaves and fruit. They, too, offer support and a nutrient delivery system, enabling those leaves to grow and thrive and dance in the wind and sunshine.
WebAnd in case you haven’t noticed, the tree in my logo is an illustration of CONNECTEDNESS which is all about RELATIONSHIP. (Do you see the BODIES so close together that it looks like ONE trunk? Do you sees the ARMS outstretched in joy, being fully alive? Do you see the FACES?) We are all CONNECTED by relationship, and the quality of those connections is reflected in the quality of our lives.
Life is hard, but life lived TOGETHER in deep, meaningful, joyful, satisfying relationship is what makes the hardships bearable.
And finally, a little known secret about me:
One of my very favorite life verses is Jeremiah 17:8, which says:
“They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit.”
This is my LIFE GOAL, to be this kind of “tree”…. I want to be so grounded in my relationship with God, and healthy in my relationships with myself and others, that NO MATTER WHAT comes, I can live and grow and bear good fruit — a life of RESILIENCE, the kind that culminates in producing a life well lived; one that blesses God and benefits others.
With that said, the BLUE in my logo represents that River of Life that comes from God and flows through me to others. (See, I told you I am deep!)  😉  (Plus, this is my favorite color!)
So, here’s my question for you:
If there was one thing that represented YOU, what would it be?  
(Come on, go deep with me!  Dive in, the water’s fine!) 😀
All right.  I’m done for now…. This tree’s gotta leave! 
(Yes, I know what a bad pun that was, LOL!)
Now go and Make Today Count!
Mary 🙂

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