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About Mary Comm


A Christian ministry director for many years, Mary has had the privilege of meeting, inspiring, and ministering to people from all situations and walks of life. Mary is a published author, speaker, professional Christian relationship coach, and ministry consultant. She offers a safe place for Christians and Christian leaders to confidentially discuss the relationship issues they’re facing in an environment of trust, respect, and authenticity.

Mary has spoken at many conferences and training seminars, including the annual conferences of both CareNet and Heartbeat International. Mary has been featured on various radio programs including Focus on the Family’s Family News in Focus and Moody Radio’s Midday Connection. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Biblical Studies Certificate, both from Colorado Christian University. She is also a graduate of Christian Coach Institute, an International Coach Federation (ICF) approved school where she obtained her CPLC (Certified Professional Life Coach) Certification.

Mary resides in Thornton, Colorado.

A Personal Note From Mary

“My passion is to help people improve their relationships with God, with themselves, and with others, and to learn to experience peace, purpose, and joy–no matter what!  As I have struggled in my own relationships, I have realized that nothing else matters in this world quite as much as these relationships.  Nothing else brings as much heartache as broken or unhealthy relationships.  And nothing brings as much peace, joy, and contentment as when these relationships are growing and thriving.   I have spent endless hours of personal study, practice, and application of the relationship-building truths revealed in Scripture, exemplified by Jesus, and honed and taught by some of the most acclaimed relationship experts of our time.  One of my greatest joys in life is in being the hands and feet of Christ to others, offering them acceptance, support, and encouragement, regardless of their circumstances, and helping them to discover for themselves how to improve their relationships and their lives. My other greatest joys are spending time with my two favorite people: my grown kids (every opportunity I get!), and walking with God daily.”

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“Mary is a gifted leader. She is a pleasure to work with and a visionary. Would love to work on a project with her again.” – Linda Cochrane, Author and Ministry Director, Danbury, CT

“Mary Comm is a caring and knowledgeable guide who has helped me identify not only my fears, but she has also helped me see how I, as a unique individual, might use the truth from God’s Word to overcome those fears and walk forward in courage and strength. During our conversations, I had a number of “a-ha” moments that resulted from Mary’s insightful questions, and she offered observations only when necessary to direct me onto a more positive path. I can honestly say I left our sessions with new vision and excitement about my future as well some practical steps to carry me into the next chapter of my journey.” – Pam, Dallas, TX

“When I came to Mary Comm for coaching, I had a number of life-altering decisions to make. Confusion had set in, as well as desperation and a fear of what the future might hold. However, Mary was able to lead me in a Christ-centered direction that offered Biblical support and allowed me to come up with the answers that were right for me. Mary didn’t tell me what to do or how to do it – she simply helped me to sort through everything and to sweep away those things that didn’t matter in order to come to the conclusions that were right for my life. I am very pleased with the decisions I made after just a few short sessions with Mary. I will continue to seek coaching from Mary and highly recommend her for anyone facing difficult life decisions.” – Danielle, Small Business Owner, Edmond, OK

“Mary Comm has been such a great help in my life and I can’t begin to thank her enough. When I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t sure where to go or how to handle things, Mary helped me realize what was truly important to me. I’ve gotten a renewed sense of self-worth from my sessions and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a Life Coach.” – Quentin, Oklahoma City, OK

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