WHY Do Bad Things Happen?

Why do bad things happen? ebook

Ever Wonder WHY? Why Do Bad Things Happen? Why Do They Happen To Me?

Everyone is familiar with some form of suffering, pain, grief, or loss.  Cancer is rampant.  Divorce rates are off the charts.  Natural disasters, once rare, are now commonplace.  So why do bad things happen? In this brief E-book you will discover:

  • Eight reasons, according to Scripture, why bad things happen.
  • God’s responses to our suffering and pain.
  • How to respond in times of hardship in order to experience peace and joy again.
  • Where God is when we are hurting and how He responds to our pain.
  • As a FREE BONUS (by request) you will receive my article titled, 10 Tips to Successfully Surviving Any Situation — No Matter What!

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Why Do Bad Things Happen? (And Where Is God When They Do?) is available in Kindle format only.

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