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Q. How can coaching benefit me?

A. Coaching can help you improve any area of your life: relationships, transitions, ministry, business, or career, etc. Coaching enables you to discover solutions and uncover your potential, your dreams, and your passions. Coaching helps you identify obstacles and barriers that may be keeping you stuck or dissatisfied. Whatever you’re facing, coaching can help you cut through the fog of indecision or confusion; it can help you see the path before you more clearly (or experience peace even if you can’t!), and it will get you excited about moving into a fuller, more joyful, and more peaceful life.

Q. How is coaching different from counseling?

A. Counseling is about working through issues from your past. Coaching is about learning to move forward from where you are to where you want to be.

Q. How does coaching work?

A. Coaching is, quite simply, a conversation, and it is all about you. In coaching, you drive the conversation. We only discuss those things you want to discuss. You set the agenda; I merely ask questions that open doors to the potential you already possess and to the opportunities that are before you. (This process often unlocks potential you didn’t realize you had or reveals opportunities you weren’t aware were available!) Often the solutions we’re seeking are already before us; sometimes we simply need someone to help us discover them. Everything in coaching is based on who you are — your values, your dreams, your abilities, skills, and gifts. It is a beautiful process that has the potential to change your life…for the better!

Q. What are the types of issues you coach on?

A. I specialize in helping people improve their relationships with God, self, and others, but I am also equipped to coach on these topics and more—both for individuals and for ministry leaders or teams:
• Developing/maintaining a closer walk with God
• Learning to deal with difficult people or situations more effectively
• Walking through difficult life transitions, grief, or loss in a healthy manner
• Identifying obstacles and developing strategies to overcome them
• Developing skills in such areas as relationships, handling difficult life issues, living the Christian life with joy and purpose, Christian leadership and ministry, etc.
• Discovering and developing passions
• Finding a life purpose
• Setting and reaching specific goals
• Building a clearer vision for the future
• Developing a mission statement for one’s life, business, or ministry
• Learning to manage change effectively
• Learning to relate to people effectively
• Finding clear values
• Building communication skills
• Appraising performance
• Getting unstuck, getting out of ruts, and moving forward
• Learning to think and see things differently
• Expanding the capacity to take action
• Getting free of self-sabotaging behavior and destructive self-talk
• Building better teams
• Building self-confidence (based on your identity in Christ)
• Finding meaning
• Discovering the courage to take risks
• Learning to take responsibility
• Finding the tools, support, and accountability to accomplish more
• Having the ability to focus better, be more efficient, and reach goals more quickly*

Q. How is coaching different from the consulting you offer?

A. Because I was a ministry leader for fourteen years, I experienced nearly every aspect of Christian ministry from the inside. As a result, I have a perspective of ministry organizations, challenges, and obstacles that most people don’t. My consulting model is similar to the coaching model, although it is specifically for Christian ministry leaders, pastors, non-profit Christian organizations, or Christian business owners. In consulting we work together to shore up the strengths of the organization, identify obstacles to success, maximize potential, strengthen teams, hone visions, and develop plans of action to make your ministry or business excel in every area.

Q. Are you licensed?

A. There is currently no official federal or state licensure for professional coaches. I am professionally trained by CCI (Christian Coach Institute, an approved International Coach Federation organization). I also have a Bachelor of Science degree (in Psychology), and a Biblical Studies Certificate.

Q. Do you charge for your services? If so, why?

A. I do charge for my services. The reason I charge is the same reason pastors, counselors, and other helping professionals charge: I have the same bills and living expenses everyone else has! I am also professionally trained with fourteen+ years ministry experience, and my calling is to do this work full time. My expertise is of value; my time is of value. Further, your life (and quality of life) is of value! Anyone can hang up a shingle and “coach” or “consult,” but you deserve to have a qualified coach or consultant who has the experience, know-how, and expertise that can make a positive difference in your life. I am such a person, and I am excited about walking alongside you to that end!

Q. Isn’t this like paying someone to be your friend?

A. Great question! But no. Friends are often too close to be objective. They mean well, but many times they are as unable as you are to see your situation clearly; or they may only see your situation through the lens of their own experiences or values. Also, sometimes friends will tell you what they think you want to hear, or try to tell you how to fix what they see is wrong. In my coaching model, my focus is completely on you from an objective standpoint. I commit to never attempting to fix your problem, nor will I apply my values to your situation. Further, I prepare for and cover every session with prayer, inviting the Holy Spirit into the process. He gives me the discernment I need to be objective and to ask the questions that will help you to see what He wants you to see more clearly. He will also most likely speak to you (if you are willing to hear from Him) through this process—which is what makes it such a powerful, special, and unique time!

Q. What do you charge for your services?



*The source of some of these items is Christian Coaching by Gary R. Collins, PH.D, Copyright 2009

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