Are you feeling hopeless, weary, trapped, or discouraged? Do you want to do the right thing, but you don’t know what that is? Do you feel conflicted between supporting the people you love in their life decisions but do not want to compromise your faith? Are you fearful of the future or for someone you love? You are not alone! Many of my clients have come to me with similar feelings. With each session, they regain a sense of empowerment, hope, and direction to improve their relationships and their lives.

Mary has worked with countless individuals and ministries since 1996, coming alongside both individuals and church and ministry leaders as they have struggled with some of life’s most painful and challenging issues, including grief, loss, depression, suicide ideation, post-abortion trauma, as well as supporting parents of kids with same-sex attraction, prodigal children, and children who are suicidal or self-harm, etc. A professionally trained life coach and experienced biblical peer counselor, Mary’s style of coaching immediately puts the client at ease. She is insightful, intuitive, and her Christ-centered approach focuses fully on the client’s needs.

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