Relationship Truths – Part Two: It’s Never Just About The Other Person (It Takes Two!)

I know.  I used to really resist the notion that it’s never just about the other person as well.  (Actually, hate is probably the more accurate word!  I hated when people said that!)  The truth is that relationships take two, and the only person in the relationship you can change is YOU! That means my choices more >

Relationship Truths – Part One: The Power of One

No matter what kind of relationships you’re engaged in, there are three undeniable truths about YOU:   You were made by God for relationships.  You have a choice in how you think, feel, and respond within your relationships.  You alone are responsible for you—your choices, your actions, your responses to others. We cannot change others, more >

Improve Communication To Improve Your Relationships

Do you ever wonder how you can say something so simple, yet the person you’re talking to hears something completely different?  As someone wise once said, WORDS MEAN THINGS!  And it’s true.  We need to be aware of the choice of words we use in conversation.  You’ve probably heard the statistic that approximately 90% of more >

2 Qualities of a Great Leader

A Great Leader… is Both Confident and Humble Being a leader brings an entire litany of stresses, challenges, and responsibilities that those who have never been in leadership are unaware of. As a business owner, manager, or boss, the reality of your impact upon the lives of those around you is ever present. If the more >