7 Priceless Benefits of Hiring a Life Coach

Although life coaching has been around for a while, there is still a degree of mystery that surrounds it. While life coaching is different than sports coaching, it is nonetheless a valuable and transformational experience that can propel even the most confused, stuck, or stifled individual into the life they’ve always wanted.

Life coaching is not about one person (the coach) instructing the other person (the client) on what decisions she needs to make or goals she needs to set. Instead, the coach works with the client’s own priorities, character traits, values, and desires in order to help her discover the decisions that are best for her. The end result is brought about by a beautiful partnership in which the coach and client work together for the best interests of the client.

Following are a few of the most life-enhancing benefits of working with a life coach.

  1. Clarity: To Gain Clarity on Your Journey. Whenever life gets complicated, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. Circular thinking can become one of our greatest enemies. We weigh the pros, the cons, the options, the likely outcomes, and before we know it, we are right back where we started. Or worse, we can see no options at all. Coaching provides a lens through which we are more able to clearly see our current circumstances and our potential options without over-analyzing or getting stuck in circular thinking.
  1. Self-Discovery: To Achieve a Higher Level of Self-Awareness and Identify Obstacles. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. Sometimes we lie to ourselves. The objectivity of a coach provides a sound backdrop by which you are able to safely and honestly step into the discovery process. Without that process, we are likely to take a wrong turn or miss the best that life has to offer us.
  1. Advocacy: To Have the Encouragement and Support of Someone Who Understands. Advocacy can take a number of forms. Your coach is someone who is there to support you on your journey, but s/he is also not afraid to confront you—gently but firmly—on issues that you may be allowing to get in your way. Likewise, your coach will also lift you up when you are discouraged and help you find and hold onto hope when you may be tempted to feel hopeless or overwhelmed.
  1. Expertise: To Benefit From the Objectivity, Wisdom, and Experience of Someone Whose Only Stake in Your Journey is Helping You Succeed. Unlike friends who may simply tell you what they think you want to hear, a good life coach is an objective partner, never a people-pleaser. Your coach is a professionally trained expert who knows how to help you discover the answers that are right for you. She begins by asking the right questions, powerful questions, and by giving you the safety, time, and space to discover the answers to those questions yourself. Again, she will not tell you what to do or what decisions to make. Her primary goal is to help you to discover what is right for you and then to formulate and carry out a plan to succeed.
  1. Accountability: To Have Accountability that Leads to Accomplishment. Your coach is someone to help you get where you want to go, asking the right questions, not accepting excuses, and empowering you with just the right amount of encouragement, inspiration, and validation. When you feel you need it, your coach will participate in your progress by providing accountability that helps keep you motivated to moving toward that next goal.
  1. Accomplishment: To Experience Accomplishment that Leads to Success: to help you reach the goals you set in the best way possible, and with the best possible outcomes. Your coach is someone who will stay by your side all the way through to your success. S/he will be your biggest fan, your strongest ally, your most faithful advocate, and your steadiest partner. With every small victory you will gain the sense of accomplishment that will help to keep you excited and energized on your journey. Your success is your coach’s goal, and s/he will contribute all her/his training, resources, and experience to helping you get there.
  1. Life-Changing Results: To Achieve Success that Leads to a Happier, More Peaceful, More Confident Life—and in a way that saves you stress, consequences of bad choices, time, and money. Your coach will work with you to bring about the results you desire, in the manner in which you desire them, and in the time frame of your choosing.

If you are stuck in indecision, experiencing difficulties in your relationships, feeling trapped or trounced by life, or if you are facing life transitions that leave you fearful, hopeless, or uncertain, a life coach can be just the person to help you move forward into your best life yet.

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