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When God Surprises Us….

I have had an issue with my website for weeks now.  I have exhausted every tab on the menu that I could find, every resource I could ask for help about it.  Trust me when I say I was getting frustrated! (Okay; I was way beyond frustrated!) Then, out of the blue today, I clicked on a tab I hadn’t previously seen.  There appeared the solution to my dilemma.

How often do we exhaust all our resources and then, out of the blue, God answers our prayer or shows us what we had been missing all along–that tiny thing that was under our nose all the time?

I remember years ago, when my daughter was still a little girl, she had lost her watch.  We had looked everywhere for it.  This was an important watch because it had an alarm that went off every two hours to alert her (us) to a medical need.  So finding this watch was priority one.  Finally we decided to pray and ask God to help us find it. We began by telling God we knew He knew where it was and asked Him to please show us.  Within five minutes my daughter came running in with the watch!  It had a Velcro strap on it and had gotten stuck to her clothes and was in the dirty clothes hamper.

Some people say God doesn’t care about the little details of our lives.  I beg to differ.  He has proven over and over in my life that He does care about the little things–just as much as the big ones–because He cares about me.  And I’ve always said, if He cares about me, He cares about you too.  (Try Him and see!)

Is there something troubling you today; is something frustrating you that you simply can’t figure out?  Trust God with your cares–large and small and in between–because He cares for you. 🙂

“Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.”

Psalm 55:22 NIV


Thanks, Abba, for showing me today that You care!

I love You all the more for it.

In Jesus, my Beloved,


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