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Running Ahead vs. Standing Still: 5 Tips for Waiting on God

One of the most troubling aspects of following God’s leading in my life comes when I’m waiting for clear direction.  Do I “be still” while I wait (“Be still, and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10b) or should I go with what I feel in my gut?

Too many times in the past I have found that when I have gone with my gut I have ended up running ahead of God–and going off course.  But when I am still, I feel that I’m wasting time, being lazy, or not being a good steward of what God has given me.

So what does it mean to be still and wait for God?

This is what I’m learning….

  1. Be Present with God:  Being still doesn’t mean doing nothing.  Waiting for God means I am soaking in His Word every day, spending time in prayer, and listening throughout my day for what He may be saying to me through my circumstances.
  2. Be Productive:  Being still means doing what I know I can do–meaning, for example, that since I know I am called to write, I should be working on projects that resonate with where God has me now and how that might be helpful to others.
  3. Be Prepared (and Available):  Being still and waiting on God means I keep myself prepared and available for whatever opportunities He may open up to me.
  4. Be Patient:  Being still means putting the big decisions on hold until I have a sense of God’s leading in them, and remaining faithful in the small things–like managing my time well.  When I’m tempted to turn on the television or call a friend in the middle of the afternoon, I need to resist that temptation and focus on being productive with what I know I can do.  As I am faithful in the small things, He will entrust larger things to me in their time.
  5. Be Persistent:  Being still means persistently exercising my faith and trust in God.  I remind myself regularly that He’s got me, and He’s got this (whatever this is).


If you are waiting on God for direction, clarity, or even for Him to rescue you, spend your time wisely.  Realize that God’s timing is perfect and He is waiting for a reason.  You may never know what that reason is, but make the most of this waiting time.  Do all you can to foster a close relationship with Him, to do what you can with what you have, and to be prepared for whatever He brings your way today.  Put big decisions on hold, and persistently hold onto your faith and trust in Him.  Use this time to its fullest, and trust that He is working even when you can’t see the results.

Oh, and don’t forget to Praise Him–no matter what.  Because no matter what, He is worthy of praise!

Make today great,


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