Ever Wonder WHY?  Why Do Bad Things Happen?  Why Do They Happen To Me?
Everyone is familiar with some form of suffering, pain, grief, or loss. Cancer is rampant. Divorce rates are off the charts. Natural disasters, once rare, are now commonplace. So why do bad things happen?

The age-old question of “Why do bad things happen?” has resounded throughout history. Books have been written on the topic; philosophers from all walks of life have tried to explain it. But Scripture shows us the very reasons bad things happen and where God is in the midst of them. This book explores those reasons and the heart of our God who sees all, knows all, and loves us with a love so profound we will never be able to comprehend it.


In this brief E-book you will discover:

  • # Eight reasons, according to Scripture, why bad things happen.
  • # God’s responses to our suffering and pain.
  • # How to respond in times of hardship in order to experience peace and joy again.
  • # Where God is when we are hurting and how He responds to our pain.


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Why Do Bad Things Happen? (And Where Is God When They Do?) is available in Kindle format only.

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Reviews for Why Do Bad Things Happen? (And Where is God When They Do?):



Wow. I just read, “Why Do Bad Things Happen?” by Mary Comm and I have to say I loved it! She immediately asks the question, “Why Not?” when it comes to enduring suffering. Why do we think we wouldn’t undergo hardship in this life?

I love that Mary points out four important reflections we need to make within ourselves before reading the book. This helped keep me centered and focused throughout.

So much of this book can be summed up in one sentence Mary says, “God honors our pain when we relinquish control of the situation to Him.” Throughout this book Mary doesn’t have a bunch of Christian clichés and she is not trite or flippant about hardship. She assures us this is not a fainthearted type of surrender, but rather an honest release of pain.

This is a sound book, with excellent advice from someone who has walked a few hard roads herself and came out better for it!

– Sheila Harper, SaveOne


Not only do they wonder why do bad things happen…

As a therapist, I often work with people who ask this question. Not only do they wonder why do bad things happen, but they often feel abandoned by God in the process. This is especially true if they also felt abandoned by their parents at a young age. My first impression in reading this book is that it is one of the most comprehensive I have read on the topic. It is obvious that Mary Comm has not only wrestled with this question in her own life but was God inspired in trying to answer it for others. Her compassion and her heart in wanting to help others is clear in her writing. I would highly recommend this as a resource to give to clients for those working in any helping profession with hurting people.

– Greg Hasek, Marriage & Family Therapist


…going through trials you will want to read, “When Bad Things Happen”

“When you are going though trials you will want to read “When Bad Things Happen…” this comforting, compassionate and insightful book gives hope to those that are going through serious times. Mary shares candidly from her own life experience with honest vulnerability and comforting confirmation that God is always there”

– Linda Cochrane, Author, Forgiven & Set Free


A Great Short Booklet to Recommend to People Who Are Hurting

This is a great short book for people who are looking for the explanations about the presence of God in the midst of tragedy. Mary handles the subject well without giving trite or pat answers. The truth is that sometimes bad things happen and we don’t know why. The main thing we need to know is that God loves us, and that He’s not out to get us. We live in a fallen world where bad things happen. However, God is not the author of those bad things. The good news is that if we will turn to Him in the midst of those bad things, He will be there in the midst of them with us. He will be our comforter, our strength, and our healer. As a person who has been through many trials, this is a book I will recommend to friends who are struggling with God in the midst of trials and loss.

– Carolyn Shepherd


“For Such A Time As This”

With a compassionate heart that is reserved for those who have walked the road of brokenness and emerged as a trophy of God’s grace, Mary Comm delivers a book that is, “for such a time as this”.

“Why do bad things happen?”, offers hope for the wounded and to those presently suffering and provides tools to prepare us for the inevitable season of suffering, recognizing that our struggle is not against flesh and blood.

Having experienced God in the midst of her personal pain and suffering, Mary skillfully, honestly and compassionately comforts the reader with the comfort by which she has been comforted, always pointing us to a good, faithful and Sovereign God.

I recommend this book to anyone who is presently suffering. And for those who are in a season free from the pain of suffering now, read it, share it and keep it close as a reminder and tool kit to help guide you in the days to come.

– Mark Jones, Pastor of Worship and Caring Ministries and Board Certified, Faith Based Clinical Counselor, Texas.


I highly recommend this book…

I highly recommend Mary Comm`s new e-book called Why Bad Things Happen. It is timely, very encouraging and thoughtful and thought provoking. The author `hits the nail on the head` in several areas all of us are challenged to face. Hope you are enlightened as I was.

– Charles Williams: Pastor, Loveland Bible Church and Affiliate Professor at CCU.


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